Benjamin Creighton Griffiths
Festival Performances (++ = also a festival tutor)
List of some of the festivals at which Benjamin has / or is about to teach or perform in programmed concerts
July 2019 Harps North West Festival, Ambleside, England ++
October 2018 Gödöllo Harp Festival, Gödöllo, Hungary ++
August 2018 Wall2Wall Jazz, Abergavenny, Wales
August 2018 Brecon Jazz Festival, Brecon, Wales
July 2018 Llandudno Jazz Festival, Llandudno, Wales
April 2018 The IV Wales International Harp Festival Galeri, Caernarfon, Wales ++
March 2018 Camac Harps Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij, Gouda, Netherlands ++
March 2018 Camac Harps Musikene Academy, San Sebastián, Spain ++
January 2018 Dynamic harps, Cardiff ++
October 2017 Harp on Wight ++
August 2017 Brecon Jazz Festival, Brecon, Wales
July 2017 World Harp Congress, Hong Kong ++
June 2017 ABRSM Summer Harp Academy, Jeffersonville, IN, USA ++
June 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Pop Harp Weekend
April 2017 Harps North West
March 2017 Camac Harps Weekend, Cardiff, Wales ++
November 2016 Cambridge Jazz Festival
November 2016 Journées Internationales de la harpe dans la Caraïbe
Octover 2016 The Dutch Harp Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands ++
October 2016 Jazz Harp Academy, Utrecht, The Netherlands ++
September 2016 Wall 2 Wall Festival
July 2016 International Harp Festival, Sentmenat, Barcelona
April 2016 Wales Harp Festival
October 2015 Harp on Wight Festival
August 2015 Glasbury Arts Festival ++
June 2015 Vale Jazz Festival
April 2015 Edinburgh International Harp Festival ++
March 2015 East Anglia Harp Festival ++
February 2015 Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend ++
November 2014 Trinity Harp Festival ++
October 2014 Prague Harp Festival ++
April 2014 Wales International Harp Festival
March 2014 Stokesley Harp Workshop ++
November 2013 Journées de la harpe en Martinique (Caribbean)
October 2013 Journées de la harpe en Guadeloupe (Caribbean)
April 2013 First International Zagreb Harp Festival, Croatia
March 2013 Concurso "Arpa Plus" Salamanca, Spain
February 2013 International Harp Festival, Wales
October 2012 Peterston Organ Festival, Wales
September 2012 Cowbridge Music Festival, Wales
May 2012 VII Rio International Harp Festival, Brazil
October 2011 5th Derbyshire Harp Festival, England
July 2011 11th World Harp Congress Vancouver, Canada
June 2011 The Ludlow Festival, England
May 2011 VI Rio International Harp Festival, Brazil
April 2011 30th Edinburgh International Harp Festival, Scotland
November 2010 2nd International Harp Festival Szeged, Hungary
October 2010 4th Derbyshire Harp Festival, England
June 2010 The Ludlow Festival, England
June 2010 International Harp Festival of Sentmenat, Spain
May 2010 V Rio International Harp Festival, Brazil
April 2010 Wales International Harp Festival, Wales
February 2010 Le Duc de Morny invites ....., France
January 2010 Wales Holocaust Memorial Event, Wales
October 2009 3rd Derbyshire Harp Festival, England
July 2009 The Monmouth Festival, Wales
July 2009 L'Arpa e La Voce in Villa, Italy
June 2009 The Ludlow Festival, England
September 2008 Concours de harpe Lily Laskine, France
July 2008 10th World Harp Congress Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 2007 7th European Harp Symposium, Wales
April 2006 Wales International Harp Festival, Wales
January 2006 UK Holocaust Memorial Day National Commemoration Event, Wales

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